F-Stop Printing with Darkroom Automation's f-stop timer and enlarging meter - Precision Enlarging Meter.

Darkroom Automation's combination enlarging meter and densitometer provides 0.01 stop (0.003 OD) resolution over a ten stop (3.0 OD) range. It is the highest precision meter you can buy.

Used as an enlarging meter it makes it easy to hit highlights and shadows on the first print and its exclusive delta mode quickly determines paper grade and burn and dodge exposures.

Used as a densitometer it shows negative density, either absolute or over base + fog.

The combination makes it the ideal instrument for the Zone System. The meter works as a system with the Darkroom Automation F-Stop timer but can be used with any analog or digital timer. Absolute factory calibration means all meters read the same -- great for large commercial and university darkrooms.

30 day money back guarantee & 5 year warrantee

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