F-Stop timing is the logical and easy method for controlling print exposure; it is taught in the books and workshops of master printers and is ideal for the Zone System.

With the Darkroom Automation f-Stop Timer you work in stops just like you do with your camera but with 1/10th of a stop precision. You make dodges, burns and nested burns in stops that automatically track the base exposure. It is the only timer with a dedicated dodging feature. It automatically generates test strips in equal tone intervals ... and many, many more features.

NEW - Store the workflows for each of your prints in its 300 step memory. Make multiple prints with ease and design dodge and burn schemes adding one step at a time. Incredible burning flexibility. Easy to program with prompting display.

NEW - Split filter printing. Link channels for individual control of exposure and contrast. Dodge and burn with high, low, both or fixed contrast filtration. Dodges and burns can track base or contrast channel. Prompts for filter changes.

NEW - Paper speed adjustment; Cold-light delay; Progressive or integral test prints; Seconds timer mode; Preferences.
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f-Stop Timer Manual
A Quick guide to Timer Basics
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100/127VAC, 50/60Hz (contact DA for 220V special orders) - Not available in EU