Dr. Scott's Electric Hairbrush
Grows Hair - Cures Headache - What more could one ask?

Item #001 - Dr. Scott's Electric Hairbrush, The Pall Mall Electric Association, London, England; Excellent condition; About 9" long; Bristles still firm in brush, though not recommended for use; Black plastic handle with ornate molding; Coarse boar bristles; Box in very good condition with some scuffing along edges.

$105 Sale Pending.     Other units available - please email

The ornate molding on the back of the brush - it would seem the artwork alone would be enough to encourage hair to grow.

The Dr. Scott's enterprise sold a remarkable range of electrical items: corsets, toothbrushes, buttonhooks, body brushes...

The brush isn't Electric though - it's Magnetic. Scott sold an accessory compass to demonstrate the brush's extraordinary power to deflect a compass needle - a sure sign of hair growing potency.

An X-Ray of the brush reveals the bar of magnetized steel molded into the resin handle.

The side and inside top cover of the box. In Daily Use by Royalty: a positive guarantee of quality in hair brushes, marmalade jam and scotch whiskey.