A Positively Shocking Massage

Item #003 - Massage Battery Company, of Columbus Ohio, c. 1905.
An extremely rare electro-therapeutic device that provided 'faradic' current - a high frequency, high voltage pulsing current that causes muscle contractions - while the patient was being massaged; About 6" x 6" x 4"; Excellent condition with some light corrosion on the large chrome cylinder that did double duty as handle and battery holder; Missing one thumbscrew on the battery - a standard hardware store part; The original dry cell battery is present, though long since drained.


Patents are claimed, but a search of US Patent Office records comes up short.

The massaging electrodes. Note that the current was supplied between these electrodes and the masseuse wasn't part of the shocking circuit, as in other electric massage schemes.

End view showing battery terminals

Patent information on battery top. 'C' and 'Z' markings indicate the Carbon and Zinc electrodes.

From the Detroit Medical Journal, January 1905

By 1915 the Ohio Tax Commission had dissolved the company.