Life Before the Reflexophone

Item #98: A Decade Resistance Box, a standard, and legitimate, bit of electronics test equipment; 5"x5"x4"; black wood box; phenolic top; excellent condition.

Not much is known about this box, there are no maker's marks. It is one of several resistance boxes acquired from the estate of a Radionic practitioner.

Dr. Abrams early work was done with resistance boxes of this type. The Reflexophone is three resistance boxes wired together in a common cabinet.

The boxes are in different values. This one is 100 megohms - rather odd, as the values of the resistors in a Reflexophone are below 100 ohms.

Is it one of Abram's original boxes, or was a Radionics practitioner only trying to save money?

$80 - several available

The interior shows much better construction than any of Dr. Abram's products.