Light Up Your Inner Self

Item #132: An assortment of electrodes for giving electric shocks to various parts of the body. From the back:
  • An unknown electrode, possibly meant to be gripped with both hands during the insertion of one of the following

  • Large anal probe to make you remember to eat your apple a day and keep the bad Doctor away

  • Uterine probe for delivering electricity to the opening of the womb

  • Roller electrode for external shocks to the skin and muscles


Item # 037: A very strange apparatus for connecting wires to the head.


None of the electrodes makes actual contact with the head - they all lie beneath leather pads. Are the pads wet down before use to allow conduction, or is the whole such a scam that connection is neither needed or desired?

Whatever it may be, it is designed for serious use.

Item #56: A complete mystery. The metallic cloth these are made out of is very similar to a metallic cloth often found in the accessory tray of the Radionics Short Wave Oscilloclasts. These could be treatment electrodes for the Oscilloclast - two are ear shaped.