The Electricure

Item #133 - Electricure, McKee & Johnson, Newark, New Jersey; c. 1900; A heavy aluminum cylinder, about 7lbs, 4" diameter at the base, 8" high; 9-position selector switch on top - helpfully labeled "Switch", switch held together with screws at the back, 2 connections both labeled 'C'; two limb/neck electrodes, one hand electrode.

Case black leatherette over wood 12" x 5" x 4.5".

Condition of cylinder, switch, area electrode and limb electrodes is excellent; some insulation loss on wires; some scuffing on box.


The Electricure works on the same non-principle as the Oxydoner and the Electropoise. The cylinder is placed in a bowl of water and the electrodes are connected to the patient. The temperature difference between the water and the patient is supposed to create a flow of 'thermal electricity' that forces oxygen into the body. In use no current is created and no oxygen is supplied.

An earlier version of this instrument was made under the name Electrikure by Seeger & Clarke of NYC. Most references in the literature are to the Electrikure. Legal actions in Rhode Island around 1900-1907 were against the Electricure.

Electrikure at "American Artifacts"

The base is heavy, about 7lbs at a guess. Made of spun aluminum, it is likely filled with crushed rock and pitch, there is no rattle when shaken.

The switch unscrews from the cylinder. The switch arm is electrically connected to the stud.

The switch seems to select between various resistances, or lack thereof:

  • Position '0' has no connection to anything;
  • The resistance between Left 'C' terminal & position 1 = 2.8 megohms;
  • Positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are all shorted together;
  • Positions 6 & 7 = 0.1 ohm;
  • Positions 7 & 8 = 0.4 ohm;
  • Positions 8 & 9 = 0.7 ohm;
  • Position 9 & right 'C' terminal = 1.2 ohms.

The Electricure

Absolutely Cures Consumption, Female Complaints, Paralysis, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, and all Acute, Chronic and Organic Diseases, no matter what their name or origin.

It is no faith cure or necromancy, but is the practical application of the greatest discovery the giving of oxygen of this wise age for the cure of all human Ills, and all ailments of beasts as well, for the principle affects equally all living kind.

Two distinguishing qualities that make it vastly superior to all other means of curing disease and relieving pain, mark Its successful work thus far, namely:

It Is safe in its operations, reliable in its effects. The effects of the Electricure must not be confounded with a battery, dynamo or static electricity nor galvanism, in any form that has ever been given to the public; and its operations are not like any electrical or magnetic device as it Is a practical application of a law of thermal electrical action, the result of phenomena gathered in the field of nature, around which no fences are, and he who will may enter and dig truth with which to bless mankind;

Hence in comparison with other devices, founded upon the principles of electrical science that have been given to the public, attention is called to this phenomena: (1) That Its electrical currents are sensible on first application to about one person in ten; on the second, to one in one hundred; and on the third, to one in ten hundred;

It is operated without assistance whenever water or its equivalent in temperature can be had; altogether it is a marvel of construction, adaptability and convenience; and is the most adequate life agent of the century having distanced all its eager competitors in the grand race for amelioration of human suffering by the direct application of the greatest forces of the universe thermal electricity and oxygen, as it kills every microbe in the system.

Let no invalid despair or seek the sea, the mountain or a foreign shore In search of health perchance to die when it can be surely found at home by the Intelligent use of the Electricure, for cures are wrought by it that under the old system of medication are impossible.

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