Radionics: Getting Treated for a Disease You Don't Have

Item #134 - The Radionic Micro-Oscilloclast of Dr. Albert Abrams. Radionics was one of the greatest quack hoaxes of all time and continues to lure the gullible to this day - just Google for Radionics.

Polished teak box 7" x 7" x 3"; 1922-24 (estimated dates of production per the Bakken Museum), manufactured by Abrams.

The Oscilloclast is Radionic's treatment box. Over the years Dr. Abrams came up with several ideas of what an Oscilloclast should be. The Micro Oscilloclast was used as an accessory to an oscilloclast to fine tune the patients treatment. Again the device is no more than a resistance box with two terminals.

A plaque attached to the box gives a list of dread diseases and numbers - one would think the numbers would correspond to the setting of the knobs on the top, but there doesn't seem to be any rational rule to relate the numbers on the plaque to the numbers on the knobs. Whatever. Rationality does not appear to have been one of Dr. Abram's strong suits.

The practitioner turned the knobs to whatever settings he felt would work the best and sent the patient a bill for treatment.

Early Oscilloclasts were wired to the patient. Later models didn't require the patient to be present - a significant savings in waiting room chairs alone. Dr. Abrams found, to great suprise, the treatement worked just as well without having a sick person in the room coughing up all over the place.

Top view

Nameplate. Abram's units appear to be ohms.