Cancer Research Model HC
The Dark Side of Quackery

Item #152 - The EE Sterilizer Hospital Model HC for cancer research; Made in Truth or Consequences, NM by Clarence E. Farris, IGWTEE, 1952; On-off switch, pilot light, jack for treatment loop on front; Hand made and painted masonite box 5"x4"x3"; Green faux-crackle finish on exterior; Aluminum paint interior; 3 ft cord to treatment loop of 300 ohm TV antenna wire; 6 ft line cord; Comes with test light/loop; Extensive literature and ephemera, shown below;

An example of a machine that promises to cure serious disease - cancer, polio and the like - but does nothing but delay effective treatment. If the patient bought it because the cancer was pronounced terminal the machine did nothing but take the last few dollars off a dying man.


Interior view of open back. Uses 3 common vacuum tubes: a 35W4 rectifier for DC power; 2 50B5 beam power pentodes to make an oscillator. Tubes are held in sockets by loose springs.

View with bottom removed. Showing the DC filter capacitor and the oscillator chokes. User had soldered in a different pilot lamp.

The treatment coil, resembling a small UHF TV antenna.

The test light. When brought within 2" of the treatment loop the light is expected to glow.

The label on the bottom of the case.

The pamphlet describing the machine.

Another pamphlet supplied with the machine.

Ephemera. Including a post card asking, rather presciently, "How much would you pay for another machine if they were no longer being made?"

Pamphlets for other products available by the same charlatan.