Item #154: A Leeds and Northrup decade resistance box; 8" x 8" x 5" walnut box, Bakelite top; 0 to 9,999 ohms; 0.1% precision.

Leeds and Northrup manufactured the highest quality electronic test equipment. This box was acquired from the estate of a Radionics practitioner.

Compare the construction quality with that of a Reflexophone, below.

What Dr. Abrams supplied for the same dollar.

Close up of one of the decade resistance switches. The contacts are made from solid precious metal and do not tarnish.

A resistance element showing the non-inductive winding. Radionics practitioners claim it is actually the parasitic inductance of the poorly designed and made Abram's boxes that is the source of their efficacy.

All details are of the highest quality. The 'click' for the knobs is provided by machined slots in a brass disk riding against a spring loaded ball bearing.